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What Does it Mean to Get My High School Diploma Today?

Have you ever asked yourself, "is it enough just to get my high school diploma?" A high school diploma is an extremely important credential for job hunting but with the development of the GED system to its current 2002 revision, a diploma is not all that it used to be.
High GED scores may even trump a diploma from a public school.
It's tempting to attribute this harsh reality to the lack of government funding for public education that actually goes to teaching.
A study done in 2006 suggests that Arizona's public schools spend 50% more per student than Arizona's private schools.
Yet parents of low income minority students that have received government vouchers to attend private schools claim that private schools provide a much better education.
Where does all the funding go? The study also says that while teachers constitute 72% of the employees at private schools, they make up less than half of the staff at public schools.
The administrative tasks involved in trying to apply a single system to countless scenarios is exhausting educational funds.
Not to mention how much of funding goes to athletics programs as opposed to intellectual pursuits.
For students whose only mantra is, "get my high school diploma," it is time to realize that a young adult's education is much too important to be left up to a system that has to accommodate 3.
2 million students (to graduate in 2009).
Just as a public defender assigned to criminal defendants, public schools should be left to people who can't afford to pay for education.
However, the most affordable solution would be online schooling.
There are many accredited private online education institutions meet and even government-mandated education standards, which ensures that students can receive the high quality education they deserve.

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