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Differentiate the Major Types of Flowcharts

    Data Flow Diagrams

    • Data flow diagrams (DFD) show how information flows from one program to another within a system. The data can serve as input or output, or it can update information that is received as input.

    Program Flowchart

    • Logic within a program is diagrammed at a highly detailed level showing each action, decision and reaction to events. Programmers use flowcharts to map out their logic before coding.

    Work Flow Diagram

    • Work flows are not technical in nature, as program and data flows are. Steps can be manual or paper based. They show the order in which steps are taken to complete a business transaction. Flowcharts that show business process steps can be defined as cross-functional by identifying not only steps but roles that perform each step.

    Process Flow Diagram

    • A process flow diagram can differ from work flow in that it may not be a business transaction that is being mapped. Engineers often use process flowcharts to show how materials flow through a plant or factory.

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