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Line-dry" System Solve Residual Moisture

New LINE-Dry System removes the residual moisture film from water-cooled extruded products effectively and consistently. Furthermore, the LINE-Dry System saves energy and reduces running costs in comparison with compressed air nozzles and other blower-driven devices. When compared with compressed air systems, up to ten-fold energy savings can be achieved - which potentially equates to savings of thousands of Pounds per annum. Free on-site trials to potential customers in the UK can be arranged to quantify potential savings. blower-powered LINE-Dry system can handle products up to 25mm in diameter at speeds of 500m/min. The blower is an variable-speed Multi-Stage unit with a speed controller, which gives flexibility to accommodate different products and line speeds. Two versions are available, one with the kiln heads enclosed to contain displaced moisture, while the other is an open unit. The enclosed unit has a pair of facing air delivery plenums. These can be adjusted to suit different product dimensions and are also sprung to allow flexing to accommodate any product distortions/kinks. A series of baffles serves to isolate wet and dry areas and guard against moisture being re-deposited on the dried product. The second option comprises two pairs of facing drying heads. These are also sprung to allow for product imperfections. With both versions, the blower and speed controller are mounted on legs and enclosed in an ABS plastic enclosure to prevent moisture ingress. Once you"ve mastered how much detergent to use, you"ll need to get used to washing on the cold setting only. With water softener systems, you don"t need the high temperatures to produce the same stain-busting results. High heats can shrink clothes and fade colors quickly. That new shirt you bought may suddenly look tatty after only a few washes because of this. Since cooler temperatures are now rendered much more effective at removing grime, you"ll get better results than in the past. And, you"ll save money on your energy bills every month. For further savings, you may find that hanging your clothes out to line dry keeps fabrics softer now that you are using less detergent in the wash. Not only is it much more eco-friendly, but the money will add up over time. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery ,like cone crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.sand washer supplier:
concentrator table: Water softener isn"t lacking in all minerals. You"ll find that there is still sodium in the liquid, which is useful for maintaining the vibrancy of clothing dyes over continual washes. In the past, an old homemaker"s tip was to add a bit of salt to the washing machine in order to preserve the color of clothing better. People who have switched to water softener have often found that they have to add much less salt or none at all. While it may not seem like too big of a deal, it is one less thing to worry about. So how much money can you save by installing a water softener filtration system into your home? That"s highly dependent on a variety of factors, but imagine how much you could save if your clothes lasted several washes longer without tearing, fading, or shrinking. Or what it would mean to run your dryer less or wash on only the cold cycle.

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