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How to Name a Daycare

    • 1). Decide if you want your daycare to also be a preschool. You must know your current business goals as well as future aspirations for the daycare. If you want to include preschool learning, try to incorporate scholastic words like: ABC, learning, development and education. If your daycare will have no preschool, make it obvious in the title, such as: play, fun and adventure.

    • 2). Brainstorm lots of names with your friends and family. Brainstorming is a powerful way to come up with ideas you may never have thought about before. Gather your friends and throw out every possible name that comes into your heads. One person's ideas will create new ideas for someone else. Write down every name. Do not be selective at this point.

    • 3). Go through your list of names and choose the ones that will appeal to children and parents alike. Believe it or not, parents do take their children's thoughts into consideration. Fun names that appeal to children will help you in the long run.

    • 4). Choose a name that begins with one of the first letters in the alphabet. Many potential customers open up the phone book and simply start at the beginning of the list. The daycare centers that begin with A-G will get called first. If you are choosing between two names, choose the one that is first alphabetically.

    • 5). Search the phone book to make sure your names are unique. You don't want a daycare that has a name similar to another. You want your business to stand out from all others. Major words in your name should not be repeated in other daycare names. For example, if you like the name "ABC Learning Center," you should not choose the name if there is a "Play and Fun ABC Preschool."

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