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Wii Secrets

    • The Nintendo Wii system specializes in motion controlled gaming, so its games tend to be more active in nature. Gamers get access to various menus and websites that can enhance the play every time the console is turned on. However, there are more options and tricks not covered in the instruction manual.

    Unlimited Mii Messages

    • The Mii channel network initially limits you to just 20 Mii messages but that can be changed. Go into the menu and access the calendar and change the date. The game will accept this new date and allow you to send another 20 Mii messages. There are no limits for this trick.

    Altering the Wii Menu

    • By default, the layout of the Wii menu arranges the games and channels as it sees fit. If you prefer to have certain games come up first, hold the A and B trigger at the same time and point the nunchuk at the screen. The "select" icon will now move to any empty slot and you can customize the order of games.

    SD Card Holder

    • Songs of your choice can be uploaded to the Wii and played during your games through a SD card. Place the card in one of the clips on the spine inside a Wii game case. The card should snap right into the clip.

    Photo Channel Cat

    • When you are loading the News channel, you will notice a cat running across the screen. Press the "A" or "B" buttons to "grab" the cat. It will then give you tips with respect to the Wii, the Photo channel and other channels.

    Weather Effects

    • The weather channel determines what weather effects happen while gaming. You can alter this by changing your location. For example, if you are in the United States in January and feel like warmer weather effects, change your location to Australia.


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