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Don’T Use Automated Submission Services

Whether you are submitting your website or blog to a search engine or a directory never ever use automated submission services. The main search engines like GOOGLE and YAHOO and many others do not like them. Here is a comment made by Google in relation to automated submission services :

Google's Terms of Service do not allow the sending of automated queries of any sort to our system without express permission in advance from Google. Sending automated queries absorbs resources and includes using any software (such as WebPosition GoldTM) to send automated queries to Google to determine how a website or webpage ranks in Google search results for various queries.

The only way to submit your site for indexing with the search engines is to do so manually. Yes it is a long and tedious task but there is a short cut you can adopt!

The major search engines are GOOGLE , YAHOO , MSN , AOL SEARCH and ASK. Our advice is submit your site or blog manually to each of these search engines. Now here is the interesting bit. Every one of these search engines run other search engines so by simply being indexed by the above will soon lead to all the smaller engines indexing your site as a matter of course.

It is no instant fix but by doing things properly from the outset you will benefit in a matter of a few weeks. Also remember that search engines do not like spam so whatever you do only re submit your site for indexing once in any six week period. This way you will be rewarded with higher search listing results!

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