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Tips To Avoid A Rainout On Your Field Of Dreams - How To Attract And Retain Customers

You may have seen Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta.
If you did, I'm sure you remember the film's most famous line: "If you build it, they will come.
" The popularity of sites like YouTube, where quantity seems to rule over quality, may lead business owners to think that posting a video, any video, is enough.
But even in the film, the field had to follow certain specifications in order to attract the top players.
So the more fruitful question may not be "If I build it, will they come?" but rather "If I build it, how do I get them to stay?" And the answer is: You need to win over your audience.
And winning over your audience may be easier than you think because film is a language.
"What do you mean?" you ask.
You have probably written an important memo and given extra thought to word choice.
That same thought process occurs in video production, when the director or producer decides where and how to use the camera and sound.
What that means to you is you can use video as a persuasion tool.
More important, you can employ web video as a tool that is welcomed by audiences without resistance or resentment.
Here's something to consider: Do you enjoy watching movies with a good story? If you do, then you're part of the majority of audiences, because most people like to be entertained with a story and follow the experiences of sympathetic characters.
I would suggest that it starts when you are young child and your parents bribe-I mean persuade-you to go to bed with the promise of a bedtime STORY.
People's love of stories continues into adulthood as evidenced by the practice of news programs luring people to tune into their broadcast by announcing "Our top STORY tonight is...
" So it makes sense that if you want someone to pay attention to what you have to say, you should do it with a good -- (Hint: It starts with an S and ends in a Y.
That's right: STORY!).
Did you know? The Search for Local Business Starts Online 97% of Internet users perform local searches - BIA/Kelsey, June 2011 61% of local searches result in purchases - TMP/comScore, March 2011 AUDIENCE EXPECTATIONS (Part I: Sour Puss) I just can't stress upon you enough the importance of audience expectations: Let me ask you some questions that reflect upon your own expectations as consumers.
Fill in the blanks with either "hot" or "cold.
" Let's say it's a hot day and you decide to meet a buddy at a sports bar to watch the game and enjoy a nice ___ beer.
Or maybe it's a rainy day and you decide to curl up with a good book and enjoy a nice ___ cup of tea or cocoa.
Or let's say you had a long day and you decide to relax in a nice ___ bath.
[Answers: cold, hot, hot] How would you feel if instead you were served a warm beer? Received a lukewarm cup of tea? Or slid into a frigid bath-yikes! You wouldn't be happy, because none of the scenarios would meet your expectations.
Allow me to share a story with you: A movie came out in the mid-1990s called Now and Then.
It was a coming of age film featuring Cloris Leachman.
In one scene Leachman wanted toget a rise out of girls, so the comedienne in her decided to pull a practical joke.
In an effort to make the girls look uncomfortable, she put salt in some lemonade instead of sugar and served it up to the unsuspecting girls.
During the take, they innocently took a sip expecting a pleasant, familiar flavor, but instead they ended up with a mouthful of bitter, salty lemonade.
Only one girl was able to play it off; the others reacted as one would imagine with disgust and sour pusses on their faces.
Yuck! The moral of the story is: When viewers tune in to watch your video, they expect to see something like other videos with a familiar style.
And just as you can understand how someone could be disappointed by failed expectations, you can anticipate the likely reaction and achieve a predictable response with the right storytelling strategies.
I would suggest that employing Hollywood Classical Cinema style can be your number- one strategy to win over your audience and get them to come and stay.
Did you know? You Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings with a Web Video According to Forrester Research (2010), websites containing video are 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google results.

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