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A Guide to Beijing"s Temple of Heaven

There are many reasons why you should visit Beijing and why so many tours visit the world-famous city such as its Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square.
One of the Chinese city's biggest attractions that has not been mentioned above and is a popular destination for visitors on Beijing tours is the Temple of Heaven.
The Temple of Heaven is one of the premier attractions in Beijing with its beauty attracting thousands of people every single year.
Here we give you an insight into what you can expect to see at the temple and give you eight interesting facts about it.
Eight facts about the Temple of Heaven 1.
The Temple of Heaven is an iconic landmark in Beijing as it is the place where emperors from the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty held the Heaven Worship Ceremony- a ceremony where emperors would pray and hold events to worship heaven.
The Temple of Heaven is China's largest ancient sacrificial building and dates back to 1420 and Emperor Yongle.
The temple's grounds cover over two million square metres and were opened to the public at the end of the 1980s, which is fortunate as now people can see the temples stunning gardens and grounds.
Many travel experts say that the most impressive and must-see buildings of the Temple of Heaven are the Circular Mound Altar and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, whilst the Imperial Vault of Heaven is also a must-visit.
The Circular Mound Altar is regarded as the Temple of Heaven and is the place where emperors would offer sacrifice.
The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is part of a huge palace and is where emperors would hold the worship ceremonies to pray for good harvests.
The third must-see part of the Temple of Heaven is the Imperial Vault of Heaven, which is where the famous Echo Wall, Dialogue Stone and Three Echo Stones are all located.
The Temple of Heaven is naturally very popular with visitors, but it also offers a huge area for people to escape to and explore.
The gardens of the Temple of Heaven have more than 60,000 different types of tree as well as a number of other plants.
To sum up the Temple of Heaven really is an attraction that should be on your itinerary when visiting China and Beijing.

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