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Web Pages Design - The 17 Hot Tips

The importance of web pages design cannot be overstated.
Lets look at the most important points you must bear in mind when creating your own website.
  1. One, perhaps two fonts only.
    Your pages must be easy to read, I use almost nothing but Arial and Tahoma.
  2. Never use fonts that are florid, difficult to read or with lots of serifs.
    Clarity before cleverness!
  3. Your copy area should be black copy on a white background.
  4. Your main headline (H1 tag) should be, or at the very least contain, your keyword phrase.
  5. Break up your with bullet points or a numbered list.
  6. Embolden your sub headlines.
    This helps to hold onto the reader attention and again gets over the 'solid mass of type' look.
  7. Your keyword should appear about once in every 100 words.
    Don't overdo this, it can be unpleasant to read and a real turn off.
  8. Your signature should appear at the foot of every page.
    Readers want to feel that they are in touch with a real person.
  9. Use photographs and graphics but make sure they are relevant to the subject matter.
  10. Embolden all your links.
  11. Like fonts be careful not to go too crazy when it comes to colours and highlighting.
    Little often has more impact.
  12. Important items such as opt-in boxes and videos should, if possible, appear above the fold.
    In other words when someone lands on the page they should be able to see these items without scrolling down.
    An opt-in box is one of those forms that invites the browser to fill in there name and email address.
  13. You can grab a fee copy of a first class website creating program at Kompozer.
  14. Use underlining and italics but as with everything don't overdo it.
  15. Use testimonials to promote your product or service but be very aware of the latest FTC rules concerning endorsements and testimonials.
    Even if you do not operate within the USA, if your website is available in America, then the rules apply to you!
  16. Run your page through spell check and make sure that all your links are working - obvious - you would be amazed.
  17. Make your paragraphs no more than two sentences long.
As well as a free website creator avoid spending your hard earned money unnecessarily by getting hold of a free 'how to' guide to help you with your web pages design and indeed the whole process of putting up a website.

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