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Getting Diamonds In Antwerp

If you're contemplating buying diamonds in Antwerp, then it is in all probability simply because you often hear that you can acquire really good deals there.
Well, this is absolutely true, you can find diamonds usually for a considerably more affordable price in Antwerp compared to other places worldwide.
This is because Antwerp is actually the diamond capitol of the world.
Positioned in Antwerp's diamond district, which takes up a lot less than just one square mile, are 1500 diamond businesses.
Almost 50 % of all cut and polished diamonds in the world get traded via Antwerp.
This provides you a huge chance to cut costs since you eliminate several layers of middle men that could as a rule have to be paid if you were to buy by using a typical retail diamond dealer in the united states vs.
purchasing Antwerp diamonds.
It has been found that you could save nearly 30% to 70% for the price of the diamond by purchasing it in Antwerp versus getting it in America.
Today, you can find a handful of different methods that most people purchase diamonds in Antwerp.
The initial method is to merely pay a visit to Antwerp and look through the many hundreds of diamond stores in the diamond district.
While this could be an effective way to save money on your diamond purchase, but you really need to know what you're engaging in, so you can work out a great price on the diamond you are after.
Since the local customs and prices are probably not that recognizable to you, another very popular way of getting a diamond in Antwerp is to solicit the aid of a diamond broker.
The most effective way to get this done, is to find several brokers before going to Antwerp and tell them what you're trying to find.
For example, if you're looking to get a brilliant round cut diamond which is practically colorless and weighs in at 2.
5 carats, these kinds of diamond brokers can certainly put together plenty of stones matching your own specifications, then when you get there you won't need to waste a lot of time walking around taking a look at diamonds in lots and lots of shops.
All things considered, Antwerp diamond brokers have access to the greatest supply of cut and polished stones on this planet, because they are associated with the dealers and diamond bourses where these types of diamonds are exchanged and stored.
It really makes sense to do a little bit of research before going to Antwerp to purchase your diamond.
Just by visiting a handful of jewelry shops you can obtain an adequate amount of in education on the features that make a diamond valuable.
Through a familiarity with the four C's, and the way they each contribute to the value of a diamond, is going to be of enormous assistance to you, whilst you go through the purchase procedure in Antwerp.
It is also assists if you invest a couple of hours setting up your Antwerp trip on the internet.
The reason being while the diamond district in Antwerp is geographically small, it is especially simple to become overwhelmed by the massive variety of diamond dealers that you'll visit while you're there.

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