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5 Top Tips For Designing a PVC Outdoor Banner

It's a very cost effective traditional advertising medium and is certainly a more flexible and less costly option than renting billboard space (and associated printing costs) and is quite often cheaper than newspaper or magazine advertising.
1) Location, location, location: Is it in a high traffic area? Is the location going to make you banner visible to your target audience.
Think about where people are coming from and where they are moving to.
Are they traveling by foot or by car (or train)? If people are passing by vehicle then they won't have much time to take in your message so it needs to be snappy, immediate and memorable.
If they are on foot then you have a bit more time to express yourself.
Think about where the banner will be situated.
If it is an open windy area, then a mesh banner would be a good idea.
Mesh banners are perforated and designed to let the air pass through them.
2) Artwork format: When scaling up for large format artwork be mindful of using high res photos, this will give a higher resolution when scaling up.
Also vector bases artwork is preferable as apposed to bitmap.
Vector artwork is made up as line artwork.
This allows you to scale the artwork to any size - much more flexible.
3) Think about colours: Use bright bold eye-catching colours.
Don't just do what you see everyone else doing - be inventive, grab your audience's attention and make them remember your message (or even better, make them talk about it!).
4)Fixtures & fittings: How will your banner be fitted? Pole pocket for scaffolding banner, hemmed and eyeletted for a standard banner or roped for a road stretched banner.
You have lots of options with PVC banners so plan ahead for the materials you need.
5) Will your banner need to be doubled sided? Get the most out of the banner - it might only cost you another 35% of the cost to have it printed on both sides but you might get 100% more views - it's all about balancing cost against return on investment.

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