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5 Vital Components for a Lead Capture Page

Many people realize that the "money is in the list" when it comes to network marketing.
The better your list, the more people to talk to, the higher the likelihood someone will buy the product or join the company.
More and more network marketers who have exhausted their list of family and friends are turning to the internet to grow their list.
One relatively simple way to do that is through a Lead Capture Page (LCP), or Squeeze Page.
In a LCP, the entire goal is for someone to give you their contact information, so you can follow-up with them.
There are five vital components of a LCP that have been proven most effective: 1.
An attention grabbing, emotional headline.
The headline is the first thing someone sees when landing on the page and it must grab their attention or they will click off.
Tips for the headline include adding emotion, explaining a situation, and leaving people to want to learn more.
Something such as "Mother of three toddlers, learned one huge tip that transformed her network marketing business.
She now has leads calling her and enough money coming in that she quit her day job so she could spend more time with her girls.
" Doesn't it make you want to learn more?That is exactly what a good headline will do.
In addition the headline should be in red, surrounded by quotes and centered at the top of the LCP.
A video.
While many are video-shy, the most responsive LCP have video in them.
Usually right under the headline, at the left margin.
The video explains the headline and gives the viewer more information.
It also tells the view exactly why they should give out their contact information.
A contact form.
This is THE reason to have a LCP.
The contact form should be right next to the video.
This is where the viewer enters their information.
The information they enter then automatically goes into a database, so the website owner can build a relationship with that person, again hoping they will purchase a product or join their team.
But viewers won't enter their contact info unless they will get something in return.
Which leads us to: 4.
A give-away.
A give away is the "bribe" the website owner uses to get people to enter their contact information.
The bribe is thoroughly explained in the video and relates to the headline.
In this case of the headline above, the bribe might be a free video or ebooklet, explaining in detail the "tip" she used that transformed her business.
So once someone enters their contact information, they immediately are taken to a page to view the video or the eBook is automatically emailed to them.
The website owner then "starts a conversation" with them via email to build a relationship with that person.
Disclaimer - at the bottom of the LCP should always be a "no spam" policy and a disclaimer related to the product - just to keep oneself safe.
There you have if, five vital components of a Lead Capture Page.
To see an example, check out mine below at Empowered EMarketer.

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