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Puppy Training - How to Train Your Dog to Come to You

The training of dog is not an easy task.
There is the need of an adequate and prompt training from the day one.
If you have this consideration from the commencement, the procedure of training will be easier for you.
Never forget that the success of any training of dog depends on both the trainer and the adoptability of the dog.
For this reason it's better to start the training when it is a puppy.
Normally a puppy starts responding whenever it becomes 6-8 months of age.
This is prime time to start the technique of grooming it.
Now who can be the trainer? It is always better if the owner becomes the trainer.
The reason is very simple and apparent.
He, as the owner, is able to keep a close eye on the dog and it becomes advantageous also.
He can comprehend the responses of the dog and therefore can train him accordingly.
Keep in mind that you are the decisive factor in the training and on its success the growth of a good relationship between the dog and you depend.
Now, you surely want that the dog should come to you.
This will become possible if the command training is perfect and effective.
What is the essence of the command training? This type of training grooms the dog through effectual commands.
Any dog due to genetic influence has a number of bad habits.
It will become possible for you to rectify those though the commands.
But you shall have to be cautious at the same time.
Each command should be exact, unambiguous and of one word so that your pet can comprehend it.
Many dog owners are witnessed to command their dogs depending on their own whims.
While on one day they command nicely, on the other day they use two words in a harsh tone.
This makes it difficult for the dog to comprehend the instruction and it becomes confounded hence.
This is simply undesirable and must not be done.
It is best if your dog enjoys coming to you.
But these will only establish an animosity between the dog and the owner.
Nevertheless this is not all.
No command training can become prolific if the dog doesn't understand who the leader is.
In this respect you shall have to repeat the age-old but effective theory of alpha dog.
A dog, in spite of remaining in the human civilization, is in reality a wild animal.
They like other wild animals like to live in packs under the auspices of a leader.
In each pack of dogs there is the existence of a leader who enjoys an authoritarian regime.
This power and also his own prowess make others bow before him.
The dogs are familiar with this kind of leadership for generations.
You therefore, should be the leader of your pack.
Besides you must always call the dog in soft tones.
Never try to beat him physically or admonish him severely.
A strong warning is enough.
You should follow these steps and train.
The dog will definitely come to you.

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