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Functional and Decorative Jewelry

There are a lot of different pieces of jewelry that actually serve a function.
Many people don't even think about the fact that a lot of the jewelry that they wear is not only attractive, but also useful for one reason or another.
While it is nice to have functional pieces of jewelry it is also nice to have pieces that are worn just because we like them a lot.
Functional and non-functional jewelry is a lot of fun to buy for you or to buy for someone else and give it for a gift.
One of the most common types of functional jewelry is medical bracelets.
These bracelets are meant to relay a disease or condition that one has to an emergency medical professional.
While these were not at all fashionable in the past they can now be very fashionable.
You'll find that there are a lot of different metals and materials that these bracelets can be made out of.
You can buy charms in colors and shapes so you can get a medical bracelet that not only does what it needs to do, but is something that you are happy to wear.
Pocket watches are also a functional type of jewelry.
Many people think that this type of watch has been outdated and is no longer in fashion, but this is not the case.
In fact, pocket watches have seen quite the come back and many people of all ages are using them.
These can be purchased new or you can proudly wear a watch that was handed down to you by family members.
Pocket watches also come in all shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials so you can choose a watch that really fits your needs as well as your personal style.
One of the most classic pieces of jewelry is the heart necklace.
Women have been wearing heart necklaces since the beginning of time and this is not something that has gone out of fashion.
You can find heart necklaces made out of many different materials including resin, diamonds, gems, metals, and more.
You can choose from smaller heart necklaces to larger ones and more! There really is no limit to what you can do with a heart necklace and how you can change it up and accentuate your outfit.
As you can see, there are a lot of jewelry options that are functional as well as timeless and beautiful.
All of these gifts can be worn with pride and comfort and can be purchased for yourself or given as a gift to someone else.
Investing in any of these pieces of jewelry is a smart move, because if they are taken care of they can last many lifetimes even if they are worn daily!

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