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Bibles For Everyone - A Reality Come True?

When people ask me if there are Bibles for everyone, I can truthfully say yes - as far as I have been able to determine, at any rate! And believe me, my research has been quite extensive.
Some of my discoveries are mentioned in the following paragraphs.
I have had the privilege of hearing speakers who represent Jews For Jesus, a wonderful organization that seeks to bring Christ to the Jewish population.
One of the important tools for JFJ are Jewish Bibles.
These contain the text of the Torah as well as commentaries and the New Testament and are a great outreach to the Jewish Christian community.
Likewise, Catholic Bibles are widely available and these contain several books not found in Protestant Bibles.
I enjoy reading 1 and 2 Maccabees filled with exciting stories of Jewish uprisings against the Romans.
For those of us who experience the effects of aging, there are large and giant print Bibles, although I understand that the difference between 'large' and 'giant' is largely a question of semantics.
Audio Bibles are a fantastic resource in many ways for the Christian who likes to listen and read at the same time.
In addition, for those who are vision-impaired due to blindness, glaucoma, macular degeneration or any other visual problem, audio Bibles are literally a Godsend, as they allow the listener the same access to God's word as anyone else.
Another resource available is the Bible in Braille - this was Helen Keller's great solace throughout her life.
To mark special occasions, gift and award Bibles are readily available, in several translations and price ranges.
To protect your Bible, you can choose from a wide variety of Bible cases and Bible covers, as well as accessories such as tabs that can be pasted into your Bible to mark each book and section.
Many other accessories are easy to purchase, such as highlighters, markers and book lights.
Pastors and other Bible scholars are blessed with today's technology as they are able to access a full library through Bible software.
A huge library can be reduced to several CD-ROMs, making it readily portable and accessible.
Last of all, we have loose leaf Bibles as well as wide margin Bibles.
These are punched for 3-5 hole notebooks and are perfect for those who like to take copious notes, or for a student who wants to add study materials to their Bible.
It is a blessing that today we have access to Bibles for everyone - so in the words of Paul to Timothy, "Study to show thyself approved unto God...

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