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How to Stop Uploading BitTorrent & Only Download

    • 1). Launch the Bittorent program and make sure your torrent file is in the process of downloading.

    • 2). Right-click on the torrent file you'd like to stop uploading and select "Upload limit" from the right-click menu.

    • 3). Select the lowest possible number from the upload limit. All the numbers will be followed by the letters "Kb/s." The lower the number you select, the slower the upload speed becomes.

    • 4). Repeat the process of right-clicking the torrent file you want to stop uploading and selecting lower and lower upload limits until you see the option to select "0 Kb/s." As you right-click the file and lower the upload limit more and more the numbers you can select as for your limit will lower more and more. After lowering the limit to the lowest value about three times "0 Kb/s" should appear as a limit. After selecting that, it will stop uploading that one specific torrent file.

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