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Losing Weight The 7 Sensible Way

Your chosen fastest weight loss method should not hamper your health in any way. Remember, your health is more important than your physical appearance. So, eat healthy, exercise regularly and see the difference for yourself! If you are aiming at weight loss, adopt natural methods of weight loss. They may take some time to produce results, but the outcome will mostly last forever. Given below are some natural yet fastest weight loss methods.

1. Try a new food each day. The flavor will save you from dietary boredom (add mangos to a chicken dish, jalapeno relish to your sandwich, winter pears to salad.)

Go spicy. Get a hot flavour boost with chillies, salsa and curry instead of by overeating.

2. Low calorie diet is undoubtedly your secret to losing flab. Excess weight is a result of accumulation of fat in the body. When calorie intake exceeds calorie combustion, your body stores the extra calories in the form of fat. Hence, cutting down your intake of calories invariably leads to weight loss. Low carb diet ensures that your body just gets the required amount of calories, so that there is no fat storage.

3. Incorporate foods and drinks in your healthy eating plan that will prompt your body to burn more calories. Such foods include hot chile peppers like jalapenos and habaneros. As reported by a team of UCLA researchers at the 2010 Experimental Biology 2010 meeting in Anaheim, California, hot chile peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which increases the body's calorie burning when ingested. Other potential fat-burning foods include milk, coffee, green tea and whole grains.

4. Avoid snacking if you can. Once you are a few weeks in to your diet then the odd snack here or there is probably good for your morale. However, real care must be taken to stop it becoming a regular habit. If you feel there'll be occasions when you just can't do without then it's a good idea to make sure you always carry a healthy alternative with you. Perhaps an oat bar or even a piece of fruit.

5. Know your portions: 1/2 cup of rice is the size of your fist, an ounce of cheese is a large marble; a 3-ounce serving of meat is a deck of cards.

Divide your plate: 3/4 with vegetables, grains, beans and fruit; 1/4 with extra-lean meat or low-fat dairy products.

6. Add regular physical exercise to your weekly schedule to help create a calorie deficit and promote weight loss. In 2007, the American College for Sports Medicine recommended at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise five times per week plus two weekly strength-training sessions for adults ages 18 to 64. Increasing the amount of muscle in your body will help you burn more calories as well, since muscles burn more calories than fat.

7. Cutting back on your alcohol consumption is a must for all successful dieters. The odd drink here or there is probably not such a bad thing because stop you resenting it and will probably help you keep to your diet in the long run. But because alcohol is a very easy way to get calories it can certainly slow or completely halt your weight loss.

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