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How to Play C64 Games With My Java

    • 1). Visit the Jac64 website by following the link in the References section.

    • 2). Download the Jac64 emulation client. Jac64 is the emulator of the Commodore 64 that replicates the role of the hardware of a functioning Commodore 64 unit.

    • 3). Click the "Games" tab on the side or top of the screen to be taken to the genre selection page. Select the genre of game you wish to play on the emulator from the Games page to see all available games in that genre.

    • 4). Click on the game title of your choosing to download the Rom of your choosing. A Rom is a version of the software of the Commodore 64 that serves as a simulation of a single Commodore 64 cartridge. For easy organization, it is best to save downloaded Roms to the same folder so you can easily find and choose from among all available Roms when you're using the emulator.

    • 5). Run the Jac64 client, and use it to open one of the Roms from your Rom folder to begin playing that game on your computer.

    • 6). Control the game using your keyboard. If you have a PC game controller, you can plug that into your computer and use it to control the game instead, as this more closely replicates the feel of the old-fashioned console gaming.


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