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What Types Of Loneliness Are There?

In spite of the fact that you might you have never felt lonely or think you will never feel lonely, there probably isn't a person in the world who hasn't had this unpleasant feeling.
Being lonely can often result in people feeling all sorts of unpleasant feelings, such as sadness, moodiness or even depression.
Now, there is something that is very important to understand about these feelings and about the feeling of being lonely in general, and this is that there are a few types of loneliness.
Below will be explained the most common types of this awful feeling.
Social Loneliness This is probably the most common type of this feeling, and even people who are in a relationship can experience it.
If there is a lack of social contact in your life, you will probably have this sort of problem.
People generally need a social life and social acceptance in order to be happy and content.
If there are not enough people in their lives, they are prone to feeling as if they are all alone, even though they actually have someone they can talk to and spend time with.
So, this type of loneliness is easily avoided by socializing with people more, and by spending time around as many people as possible.
Existential Loneliness As opposed to the previous type, existential loneliness is a feeling of dismay people who are alone often have.
Namely, this feeling stems from the fact that people feel as if they are all alone and have no one to talk to, even though they have a lot of friends and family members around them, or even when they are in a relationship.
Oftentimes, these people feel that they haven't found their soul mate.
This soul mate is a person they think would be perfect for them, in terms of sensibility, beliefs, understanding, opinions and so on.
Interpersonal Loneliness People who have this kind of problem are usually people who have lost an important person, usually due to the person's departure of death.
This is most commonly a member of immediate family or a partner.
In these cases, the person who has a problem misses the one they lost, and they need to find a way to get over the feeling that comes as a result of the problem.
In most cases, these people have to make sure that they deal with the problem themselves, as others can hardly ever help them - due to the fact that this is a purely personal and intimate feeling, often very subjective in nature.
What to Do Not To Feel Lonely? Aside from these three types, there are a lot more types of loneliness.
The key element in overcoming this feeling is actually the most obvious one.
Namely, if you feel like you are alone, regardless of the reason, you should make sure you do something about it very soon.
Start going out, join a support group, start using online dating websites, and start socializing with people more.
After all, this is not something that you can overcome by sitting at home and thinking about it - you need to act quickly and you will see the results very soon.

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