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Students Must Stand Out To Make Out

When college students simply tell employers what they can do and what they have done, they are putting themselves in the middle of a very large pool of job applicants.
However, the best candidates will stand out when they describe the exceptional "results" that they have previously achieved.
That's important because employers believe that past results are the best predictors of future results.
Which statement of student involvement will be more impressive to employers? a.
Participated in the Marketing Club.
(This simply tells employers what they did.
) b.
As a member of the Marketing Club, initiated contact with the marketing department at the ABC Company.
Arranged for the Marketing Club to tour their facility and meet with members of the marketing department.
Assisted our Marketing Professor in negotiating an intern program at ABC.
Chosen for the first internship assignment at ABC.
(This statement describes the results that were achieved.
- Tour, Meeting, Intern Program & Internship) It is important for students to "show" employers what they have already done.
Part-time work or participation in an activity or club are only the first steps.
Participation merely offers the student an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.
The best employers expect employment candidates to provide examples of their results and successes.
It's those accomplishments and positive "results" that enable students to stand out from the competition.
Students will do that when they: Do More Than Others - Quantity counts!Students who can do more than others will always stand out.
Do Something Better - Quality counts!When the student's work is of superior quality, others will notice.
Do Something Faster - Speed counts!The ability to perform critical tasks or solve problems at a higher rate of speed can be impressive.
Do Something Less Expensively - Costs count!The student who has the ability to minimize costs will impress employers.
Generate Income - Money counts!Any student who can demonstrate the ability to generate income for a club, organization or employer will be in demand.
Demonstrate Creativity - Creativity counts!Employers are always looking for people who can see new ways of doing things.
Demonstrate A Unique Ability - When a student's skill or ability is unique, employers will have an interest.
Demonstrate Leadership - Leaders are always in demand.
If a student can mobilize others for a critical goal and then lead them to success, that student will stand out.
Demonstrate Exceptional Communication Skills - Powerful communication skills will always give students an advantage over those with average and below average communication skills.
Make Something Better - Whenever a student makes something better, employers will notice.
Overcome Obstacles - Employers need people who can get things done even in the face of obstacles.
When students can provide examples of their ability to do this, they will have a leg up on the competition.
Solve Problems - Problems exist everywhere.
Students who enjoy solving problems can be an asset in any organization.
Exceptional results in any of these areas will help students stand out, so they can garner the attention of the best employers.
However, each one requires students to "achieve results" before they prepare their resume and begin their job search.
The best employers expect a lot from candidates.
That's why college students must offer strong and compelling reasons for employers to interview and hire them.
When no compelling reason exists, employers will quickly move on to stronger candidates.
Therefore, the question that every student must answer is: What "results" have I achieved that will impress employers?Their answers to that question will determine whether they will stand out and whether they will make out.

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