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The Weight Loss Support System That Never Fails

Do not launch off on a low carb or any other type of diet unless you surround yourself with the weight loss support system that never fails.
You don't think you will need one? Forget it! We all stumble along the way.
We all need moral support at some time during this journey.
We all need to be told the truth or lied to if necessary, at some point to maintain our motivation.
It makes sense that the process of reducing your weight, which can be a challenge at best, will be eased somewhat if you have people and tools available to you that provide a positive effect.
I admit in advance that my weight loss support system may be unconventional BUT IT WORKS! Before we begin to detail this support system, there are some givens.
We must assume that you are committed to specific methodology of the diet you have chosen.
In addition, you must have a clear understanding of expectation and affects of the particular diet.
It goes without saying, that you have received medical clearance to proceed.
Also, you must have done your homework regarding preparing your household properly.
For example, if you have chosen Atkins or South Beach, you have followed the plans' advice regarding eliminating all unacceptable high carb foods and beverages from your home.
Lastly, you have passed through the "I'm psyched" period.
When you are in this state of mind the last thing on your mind is a weight loss support system that never fails.
Let's get started.
Inner Voice - The pillar of your support system has to be your inner voice.
It is the most intimate voice that you will hear AND listen to.
But, it is not always positive or appropriate.
Work on it.
Train it to communicate to you that you deserve to succeed.
Failure, which may very well happen along the way, is not terminal, but a temporary bump along the path to success.
Ensure that it will remind you that you deserve to be healthy and yes, sexy, if you must.
Remember, this voice is one that you will hear at any time, any place under any conditions.
It can own you so make sure it is your friend.
Reasonable Goals - Trust me this can make or break your low carb weight loss program.
Choosing the most reasonable goals is a major part of your overall support structure.
What do I mean by reasonable? Your goal should be attainable with challenge.
It should be a healthy goal, meaning acceptable to your health care professional.
It must not be easy to reach but "reachable" with effort and commitment.
Do not do this at your own peril.
This is an issue that will definitely play with you emotionally and easily could end your weight loss program.
Best Friend - Non Family - You need a friend who you can turn to if you feel that you are about to stumble.
This is a person who cares for you, wants the best for you, will be truthful and thoughtful.
Preferably your friend will anticipate that you may be having problems with your diet and step in to remind you of the reason you committed to this process originally.
You have the confidence that your friend is not going to lie about your situation just to make you feel good but will be direct about their observations and provide you with how you should proceed.
Best Friend - Family - What's the difference? They will lie to you when the truth is the last thing you need to hear.
This is a person you trust; who cares for you and won't leave your side when you need them the most.
A family friend knows your history.
They will know that you are a serial dieter or a commitment weakling.
They know your strengths as well.
Basically they know who you are and what you really need at any given time even if they have to strength the truth.
You know what I mean.
Sometimes you just need hear what you want to hear for now, knowing that they will be back to you tomorrow to let you know what you REALLY need to do.
Pick wisely.
Induction - If you are an Atkins devotee you know what I mean.
If you follow some other diet program chances are they will have a similar phase.
In the Atkins program, induction is the phase that is used to "induce" weight loss.
It is the 14 day phase that changes your body chemistry to get you start.
It can also be the 14 day phase that can get you back on track if you "fall off the wagon".
Talk about support! So, if you loose momentum or have that wild vacation you've earned and have lost your way, consider Induction to get you back on track.
First of all, you have already done this before so you are no stranger to the requirements.
You have also felt the benefits of a 5-10 lb.
reduction in weight.
Do this and you will quickly get back on track, turbo charge your weight loss and recommit yourself to your low carb weight loss.
Again, admittedly the weight loss support system that never fails is somewhat unconventional but why should that matter.
Why should it be complicated or even original.
Sometimes it just needs to be stated and considered.
Utilize this approach.
You will not regret it.

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