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Easy Photo Edit in GIMP

Easy Photo Edit in GIMP

GIMP is a very powerful image editing application, but even less experienced users can make an easy photo edit in GIMP. This brief article will show you how you can use the Brightness-Contrast feature to make an easy photo edit that will give your digital photos a real boost.

Although there are several ways to achieve a similar effect in GIMP, the Brightness-Contrast feature is very easy to use as it involves using just two sliders.

The result is similar to making an 'S' shaped Curves adjustment, which is a very common photo editing technique. You can see the result of this easy photo edit in the image with the adjusted photo on the right and the original to the left.

Once you've opened a digital photo in GIMP that you think could be improved by increasing the contrast, go to Colors > Brightness-Contrast.

The Adjust Brightness and Contrast dialog is pretty simple and easy to experiment with. One of the nice features of the dialog is the Edit these Settings as Levels button. After making adjustments using the Brightness and Contrast sliders, you can press this and see how you could have produced the same effect using the Levels feature.

This can be a great way to introduce yourself to a more powerful image editing tool. On the next page we'll see how the Brightness-Contrast feature can be used to make an easy photo edit.

The degree that you use the two sliders will vary depending on the photo you are editing, though do note that editing a photo too much can make it worse. You should also remember that some photos cannot be improved, so don't think that this easy photo edit will always work.

If you have a photo that looks too dark, moving the Brightness slider to the right will lighten it, though be aware you will also reduce the contrast.

If a photo looks flat and lacking contrast, moving the Contrast slider to the right will give it more punch. You need to be careful not to adjust the sliders too much as the results will look unnatural. With a little care, this is an easy photo edit in GIMP that anyone can use, regardless of experience.

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