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Lame Duck Politics

Who said the lame duck session was going to be lame? We have some really big issues on the table. Taxes, debt, TSA alien spaceships are all hot issues except that last one. That was to keep you on your toes.

The first issue on our table is about reducing the federal debt. Is there a way to reduce the debt and deficit? Yes, there is always a way. For example, is there a way to pay off your house in the next five years. Yes, there is always a way, but what do you have to sacrifice to get there. Would not it be easier to pay off your house over thirty years? Would it not be easier to reduce the debt over the next thirty years? How about fifty years?

This is where we are currently at in our political system. Why does the middle class have to pay off this debt so quickly? Why do we have to reduce our social security payments? Why do we have to retire later in life, than the previous generations? It is almost like someone wants to reduce the benefits of social security. It is almost like someone wants us to work longer, pay more taxes, and continue to be on our own. Guess what? There is just a person, and that person is collectively called the Republican Party.

By the way, did you notice that the recent debt commission wants to reduce social security benefits for people who are not now allowed to vote. Yes, the people who are currently below the age to vote will be the first generation to get reduced benefits. That is hilarious because it is as cynical as it gets. You could just frame this issue as why our democracy has such difficulty tackling the easiest of problems.

Next, let us talk about the TSA screenings. I agree that patting me down is pretty awesome. But asking me to "drop it like it's hot" is just inappropriate. I the politics are fascinating. Republicans are saying we need our individual freedoms. That must have taken some practice saying that without the sarcastic tone that usually accompanies such statements from them. Now, they want to use profiling. I say we all agree to profiling if we can all agree that the IRS should only audit the extremely rich because of profiling. I think we should investigate lobbyist for corruption because of profiling. Is that a fair trade?

Do Republicans think their main goal is to make President Obama a one term president? I thought making America better is the goal. However, we are all free to agree.

Did you know that want to redo the entire tax system so that the middle class pays more and the rich pay less. I am not making this stuff up. If the rich actually want to play this class warfare game, is that not exactly what you would do? And I mean exactly what you would do.

I hope you have enjoyed this wrap up of late 2010 politics.

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