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Working With a Three Hole Punch

One of the skills that many working professionals neglect to improve is desk organization.
It is often taken for granted, but making sure your office space is clean, neat, organized and in place is important for the busy working professional.
Often rushing to meetings and presentations, always taking notes and leaving them somewhere in the office-does this describe your office persona? If this is you, then desk organization is all the more an important skill for you to learn and practice everyday.
If this is you, then you have most likely experienced going into a meeting or a presentation with randomly organized files, leaving you in a fine state of panic in the meeting as you try to locate the right documents (which you are sure you have with you, but you just don't know where).
From this kind of scenario, it is clear that desk organization is a skill that will benefit not just your physical office space, but also your state of mind as you go out of the office, as well as your clients' impression of you (you have to look confident and put together, otherwise they will think that you are not quite sure what you are doing).
One of the most important elements in good desk organization is having all the right tools handy right there in your office, one of which is the three hole punch.
Often undervalued, the 3 hole punch is actually a very important item to own as a busy working professional.
Look back at the persona that was just described earlier.
People who have professional lives that are oftentimes rushed and very demanding have a need to de-clutter and make sure that everything is where they need it to be so that they can locate them when needed.
A three hole punch can help guarantee that you have what you need, as it is one of the important office items that will help you compile all your documents so that they are in order and organized according to whichever category you prefer.
These help you get your files organized into folders or binders, making your life much less complicated.
The next time that you find a need for one of your documents, you can simply take out the folder labeled under that category and find it there, along with other relevant files-aiding you in your preparations, meetings and presentations.
The 3 hole punch, thanks to its use and function, allows you to leave the office calmer and much more confident, knowing that you have everything you need-bound and compiled-in one binder or folder.
This will then reflect in your meetings and presentations, as you will then know that you have everything organized and ready.
Remember that scattered desk space is a sign of a scattered "mentality" or "disposition"-something that will not really impress clients.
With a three hole punch, you can be sure that your presentations will look much more impressive and professional-not to mention neat and organized.

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