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EBranding India - Video Marketing

eBranding India - Video Marketing
EXISTENCE ON YOUTUBE IS THE NEW REALITY:-Since the advent of the internet, things have not been the same. The dynamics of the industry has experienced a face lift and marketers are trying hard to come to terms with this fact. Not only has consumption of content become more convenient for the users, the marketers also found themselves with umpteen marketing opportunities. Interestingly, all these marketing opportunities are completely accountable. This means that you can easily evaluate each and every marketing effort of yours and compare the result with the estimate.
One of the most appreciated ways of marketing on the internet is through the use of YouTube videos. Users are still not very keen on reading. Videos can, therefore, offer them content in the audio visual format which can add more value. Also, videos are a good way of learning new things or sorting issues that individuals might have. This is because they can view the solution and apply it which is simpler than reading and applying.
The success of videos can be proved by the numbers. According to an individual study, more than 80% of the U.S. citizens, who surf the internet, watch at least one video in a month. Moreover, an average user of the internet, anywhere in the world, watches around 16 hours of videos on YouTube. This will be the most telling number about the effectiveness of video creation and marketing.
Marketers have to, thus, make sense out of this all new concept and utilize the traffic to video sites like YouTube to push their product through to the target audience. However, this platform, like all other tools of marketing, has its own sets of limitations and conditions. You should take care of these to make the most of the same:
ADD VALUE: The first thing that you should be concerned about is adding value for the viewers. Where many marketers fail is the fact that they tend to advertise more than offer content. That, however, does not fulfil the objective. The visitors to sites like YouTube are looking for content and solutions instead of advertisements. This can be validated by the fact that, on an average, only 1.2% of the videos watched on the internet are advertisements. You can run the risk of attracting the ire and frustration of the viewers by getting into that strategy. Only if you have a concrete value to add or information to share with the viewers should you create a video and market it. The information can relate to your business niche to give you the status of being the opinion leader.
OFFER VARIETY: The development in technology has offered many different tools through which videos of different kinds can be made. You can even make videos by sharing your screen to make viewers learn something in a more concrete manner. There are also many other ways of video creation. Your task is to offer your viewers the variety. Create different kinds of YouTube videos to see to it that they are not getting bored.
CALL FOR ACTION: Video marketing does not just confine itself to sharing your video on YouTube. There are various other ways and platforms through which you can market. Take the example of sharing it on social media like Facebook and Twitter. However, it is not just about sharing. Your video should be of interest to a range of people. This is the only way in which people will re-share your video on the social media and its reach will be enhanced. You can, on the contrary, also instigate viewers to re-share the video if they like it. The more it is shared, the more your exposure and better the results.
DO NOT PUSH YOUR VIDEO: Video marketing, like other forms of marketing, has to be subtle. You should not be pushing your video too hard. That always runs the risk of back firing. Take the example of e-mailing to increase video viewership. You can do that straight through YouTube. However, sharing the link once is okay but spamming your recipients' inboxes or sending them the same link again and again would not earn you anything except a bad name.
KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE: Another important thing to keep in mind, while creating a video, is to keep it short and sweet. Internet speeds are still an issue, especially in the developing world. Therefore, the shorter the video the more convenient it will be for people to watch them and derive insights. Moreover, people are also getting increasingly impatient. Long videos with them, in that case, will be a put off. They will look for something which sorts their problem in the crispest possible manner. Moreover, you should also facilitate simplicity in your video.
We, at E Branding India, are involved in Video Creation and Marketing since some years now. We understand all the nuances of the industry and develop such videos which go viral almost immediately. Moreover, we also adopt some of the best practices during the marketing of such videos. We, therefore, are your worthy and authentic one stop shop solution for all video creation and marketing needs.
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