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How to Reduce Photo Memory Size

    • 1). Open your photo editor. Almost every single photo editor has the ability to reduce the memory size of your photo. The one you choose is completely up to you. Your computer most likely comes with a photo editor already installed, so you don't have to go through the hassle of downloading a new one.

    • 2). Upload your photo to your editing program. This is the first step to begin any editing. There will most likely be a link on the home screen of your editing software which you can click on to search for the photo you want to upload. Once you find it, double click on it and it will import into your software. You can now reduce it's memory size.

    • 3). Click on "image size" and you will see a menu of options. You can reduce the size of you photo to a specific amount of pixels, or decrease using a percentage, such as 50 percent of the original picture's size. Just reducing it a few pixels can reduce the file size dramatically.

    • 4). Click on the "image quality" option in your editor and make sure your photo isn't being stored at a higher quality than necessary. Unless you are planning on printing the photo, having a higher quality image only increases the size of the photo.

    • 5). Save your photo and close out of your program. If your program has a "reduce file size" feature, make sure to click on that as well to reduce your photo memory size even more.

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