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Auto Insurance, What Does it Cover?

Auto insurance policies provide coverage based on the contract and the coverage's that you purchase. I am most concerned when I get the call into the office and someone asks for a quote for "FULL COVERAGE'" or a quote for "JUST THE STATE MINIMUM". In most cases, the person has no idea what they have just asked for! Let's take a look at each coverage, and consider that when you are purchasing this product you can pick and choose the type and amount of coverage's that make sense.

In Arizona, I like to start with what I believe is the most important :

UNINSURED and UNDERINSURED MOTORIST: This portion of your auto policy contract protects people in your car, including you,that may be hurt or injured by another automobile that has no insurance or not enough insurance. Remember that in the State of Arizona, it is the at-fault party that is responsible for paying for your injuries.... If they do not have insurance, or they do not have enough insurance... you protect yourself and your family with this coverage! (I never rely on anyone else to take care of my needs, and thus I feel this to be the most important protection)

LIABILITY: If you cause the accident, you are responsible to pay for damages and injuries. This coverage is like the mote around your castle!! The liability insurance pays out first.... When the limits are all used up, the rest of the money owed comes out of your pocket! This could mean your future income is garnished. All of your assets, with a few exceptions are on the line! The more assets you have the more liability limits you want. (BIG CASTLE NEEDS BIG MOTE!)

Next in importance:

MED PAY: This provides medical coverage for all people in your car, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. If you have health insurance, you may not need this coverage. If you don't have health insurance, or you have a very high deductible, you might want to add this to your policy.

COMPREHENSIVE and COLLISION: There are only two coverage's on an auto policy that protects the car itself. To remember what each does, COMPREHENSIVE covers everything other than a COLLISION. If you can financially afford the loss of your car, (It's so old it's not worth much, or you have the ability to replace it without it being a financial burden) you might not want to purchase these two coverage's. You have no choice if there is a lien on your car.

Nice to have:

RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT: Just like it sounds... but only comes into play if there is a COMPREHENSIVE or COLLISION loss. It is not going to pay because the car is in need of maintenance.

EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE/TOWING: This Coverage is so inexpensive, I believe that everyone should have this as part of their auto policy package.

DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT: Inexpensive and nice to have in a tragic accident.

Loss of earnings: Usually a small percentage of your income

You will spend a great deal of money over your lifetime in purchasing Auto Insurance. Take the time to work with a professional to tailor a policy that meets your needs and expectations

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