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A Holiday Guide to Brittany, France

Brittany is a diverse and cultural region that lies in the northwestern region of France.
The area of Brittany is characterized as one of the 6 Celtic nations that where.
Less, Lesser or Little Britain are also the names by which Brittany is known.
The peninsula of Brittany was centre for ancient megalithic constructions that occurred in the Neolithic era.
The density of such constructions in the area has led to Brittany being also referred to as the "core area" of megalithic culture.
In 1956 Departments were gathered between them to create French Regions.
That resulted in the Region of Brittany having four of the five Breton departments that form about 80% of the historical Brittany.
Finistere in the west, Morbihan in south on Bay of Biscay, Ille-et-Vilaine in northeast, Cotes-de-Armor in the north and Loire-Atlantique in southeast are the five departments of the historical province of Brittany.
It was also known by the name of Armorica when the Romans captured France.
It got its modern name of Brittany around 500 AD when Britons settled in the region.
Geography Brittany holds a large part of the peninsula between the English Channel to north and the Bay of Biscay to south on the northwest of France.
The coastal region of Brittany is unusual because of its colouring.
The special pink rock that gives the beaches the Pink colour can be found in only two other places in the world.
Being located on the western coast of France Brittany has a warm and temperate climate.
Places of Interest Brittany has many megalithic monuments that are scattered peninsula with the concentration of the sites being in the Carnac region.
Menhirs and Dolmes are a large number of Megaliths.
These Menhirs, which means standing rocks, and Dolmes, which means Stone tables, were sites for burials and worship.
Brittany is also known for its Calvary sculptures that are elaborately carved crucifixion scenes that are found at the crossroads in small towns as well as villages.
Culture The people of Brittany mostly speak French but many are there who speak the regional language of Breton along with many English-speaking people.
Kig ha farz, tourteaux, Coquilles saint-Jacques, Kouign amann, Crepes and galettes are very popular dishes and Cider, Kir Breton, Chouchen, are some of the more popular drinks in the region.

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