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Great Recipe Item Substitutions on a Low Carb Diet

There are two types of substitutions that deserve consideration by anyone on a low carb diet plan.
One of those is recipe substitutions.
Some recipes call for forbidden carbohydrates.
A dieter can try that recipe, if he or she finds an item that can substitute for the unwanted carbohydrate.
In these low carb pages you will find other references to diet foods.
If any diet food is a sweet food, then it is usually made with a sugar substitute.
The home cook can use sugar substitutes in the preparation of baked goods.
In the previous section, there was a reference to the preparation of salads.
Some people like to put croutons on a salad.
Croutons do not belong on a salad that will be eaten by someone on a high protein, low carb diet.
That salad can, however, be topped with nuts or beans.
When a dieter has sworn off all or most carbohydrates, then any talk of item substitutions should include information about the substitutes for starchy meal contents.
A person on a low carb diet might not want to attend a barbeque, if he or she can find only meat and potatoes at that barbeque.
A person on a low carb diet might feel compelled to eat a fair number of low carb snacks before going to any barbeque.
Many barbeques lack any sort of low carb food other than meat.
It can be hard to mix the enjoyment of a barbeque with low carb living.
A person who is planning a barbeque and who is inviting a friend, one known to be on a low carb diet, does not have to have mastered the preparation of low carb recipes.
The host can prepare a few simple foods that might substitute for a potato or an ear of corn.
The host of the barbeque might want to offer his or her guests some grilled artichoke hearts.
The host might want to serve some refried beans.
The host might care to serve a slaw with a low fat dressing (possibly one made with vinegar).
Those foods are not difficult to prepare.
They do not require the purchasing of large numbers of ingredients.
Those foods demonstrate the extent to which proper substitution can guide the person who is planning a meal for someone on a low carb diet.
Finally, do not forget about how seasoning can enliven any meal.
A dieter might want to keep a small container of McCormick's seasoning handy.
Then any food on the menu can be flavored in a manner that suits the tastes of the low carb dieter.
So here are some short words of advice: Use sugar substitutes.
Do not hesitate to top salads with beans and nuts (not crotons).
Be prepared to dress salads with a low fat substance.
Have a kitchen well-stocked with seasonings.
The person who follows those rules should manage to prepare tasty meals for anyone on a low carb diet.
Follow the above rules, and then eat to your heart's content.

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