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Talk Fusion - Reps Are Looking for Help, Struggling to Survive

So many Talk Fusion Reps are having a very difficult time; they are looking for help and answers to their struggling businesses.
As it is with almost every Network Marketing company the ability to build a team and down line is the key to success in this industry.
Let's look at the current situation and what can be done.
First, let's look at the opportunity.
Who is talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is a company that has developed the world's best cutting edge video communication technologies available.
They offer video email, video conferencing, live video broadcasting, video auto responders and video blogs.
The company began in 2007 and is headquartered in Florida.
Over time the company has expanded its business into over 85 countries and is today the largest online video content provider anywhere.
Video is the future of communication and will overtake conventional email within a matter of a few years.
Two Ways to Get Involved The first way is to become a customer with the company.
This is for those who have no interest in the business opportunity that Talk Fusion offers.
The second is to become an independent Associate and promote the product and business opportunity.
There are two entry points that they offer $250 and $750 with a reoccurring monthly fee of $35.
Once you decide to become an associate it is at that time you can decide which plan is best for you.
The compensation plan is has a very unique aspect to it that few companies offer and that is you get paid the minute you close a sale or add a new associate.
On top of that the company offers 6 different ways to earn income.
For every product sold you get paid between $20 and $60.
They also offer matching bonuses and advancement bonuses.
There are leadership bonuses of 1% of total sales volume generated worldwide.
All commissions are instantly loaded into your global cash card.
So Where Are the Problems for Associates? Like most other Network Marketing Companies Talk Fusion offers replicated web sites to all their associates.
They pretty much train you like most other companies, sell to your warm market and beyond that you are on your own.
So why do 92% of all MLM Network Marketing professionals fail? It is a simple answer, most lack proper training and possesses the tools to assure their success.
There is a small percentage of very successful Network Marketing Businessmen in our industry today who are willing to share and teach struggling Internet Marketers.
They have gathered their years of knowledge together into a platform which combines the most comprehensive collection of trainings anywhere on the internet today.
They have developed and offer the best marketing tools available anywhere.
This community of businessmen and women are dedicated to your success and if you are truly serious about achieving your dreams, you need to receive the training which will assure your success.
You need to invest in tools which will give you the competitive advantage to rise above all other Talk Fusion Associates or whatever company you represent.
If you want to rise above everyone else, you need to at least learn about what programs and tools are out there to help you succeed.
It costs nothing to take a look and will most likely change your life forever but don't take my word for it, learn for yourself right here.
Oh, by the way, if it did not work you would not be here reading this article.
It has changed my life and I am ready to give back and train anyone who wants to learn.

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